Monday, February 28, 2011


This morning I had the privledge to sit down with some of my friends and have a deep and intelligent conversation about love. I came up with a rather vague answer when asked what love meant to me. But when you think about love, and what it truly is, it's not an easy task to put into words. I said that it is one of the most powerful feelings you can ever feel. It's also one of the most powerful feelings you can project at another person.

My friend said it perfectly when he said that it makes you vulnerable. I agree, I've never been more vulnerable when I feel love. The feeling that the person that you love may be taken away from you is horrifying. The thought of them being with someone else breaks your heart. And as selfish as love may seem sometimes, it's a feeling that we all strive for in life.

We are striving to become vulnerable. We are also striving for happiness. I can honestly say that there is no better feeling than love. And there is also no worse feeling than heartbreak, but heartbreak is always, at least in my opinion, worth the risk for love. 

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