Saturday, March 12, 2011

"I'm offended by that!"

As a person who likes to consider himself an amateur stand up comedian. Or a struggling amateur stand up comedian. (to be more accurate!) I run into people who get sour after I say my jokes. Now it could be because they are corny, not very good, or usually because they are filled with puns. But sometimes I run into someone who is legitimately offended. Usually it's right after the part where they find out I like to write jokes and ask me to tell one. I guess they didn't get the cute joke they were expecting. Instead, they probably got a suicide joke that had a pun for a punchline. However, this isn't all about my stand up comedy.

I'm convinced that some people are always just looking to get offended. You know how I deal with that? By not giving a shit. People get all offended when you say words like gay, faggot, or retard. Those are usually the big ones. Now I'm not out to hurt anyone's feelings. But why the fuck should I stop saying words I like saying because it hurts your feelings? I don't think anyone is entitled to tell people what they should and should not say. I don't want to be the person who pulls the, "I have my first amendment rights" card, but I have my first amendment rights!

Don't think I'm some heartless dick though, I'm not. Just because I say the words "gay" and "faggot" doesn't mean I hate gay people. I have many gay friends, all who are great people. I'm in support of gay marriage, and I won't hold my tongue when it comes to their rights that they are entitled to. I've also worked in with the mentally challenged, but I won't go in to that.

 Some often say the old and tired out excuse of "You have a poor vocabulary if you use words like that!" Really? I remember when I was little and my mom told me that when she caught me swearing. I told her that I was just testing out my new vocabulary words. She didn't like that very much. I do however, have a decent variety of words to use. I just end up saying those other words because they are fun to say. "Faggot" is just to fun of a word to say. Just like "Fuck," 

I love words. All sorts of words. I like saying all sorts of words. But why should I stop saying a word because it might hurt someones feelings? Here is my philosophy. You are always at risk of offending someone, no matter what you say. So why give a shit? I'm certainly not going to start.

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  1. i am offended by ppl who gets offended by offending words